//Welcome to the new Self

Welcome to the new Self

Self Holistic Health has going for 4 years now, how time flies! We have made some big changes over the years but this is our biggest yet! We have now added a whole new package which opens up many opportunities for everyone involved.

Say Hello to Group PT

Group PT has now been introduced into the packages that we offer. This is fantastic for people who need that extra help to get them into the gym or to push them to unlock their full potential, for people who are unsure in what exercises they want/can do with correct technique, for people who struggle to put a plan together to succeed their goal they have set for themselves.

This is available for anyone no matter what age, goal or experience level. With maximum 4 people per session, this gives you the opportunity to have 1 on 1 time during the session with one of our expert Holistic Health and Fitness Coaches.

Oh and did I forget to mention you receive a free gym membership when you sign up to any of the group PT packages. Now you’re probably thinking, what’s the catch? The beauty of it is there isn’t any! We have two options which cater to both lack of time + finance and to the health heroes that want to smash their goals as quickly as possible, and let nothing stop them from getting their sweat on!

Below are the two options for Group P.T:



These prices are at discounted rate and this will only be available for a limited time. If you are interested in taking that next step in your training and putting your health first to ensure you are giving yourself the best opportunity to reach your goals, then email us on: enquiries@selfonline.co.uk


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