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The No Diet – Diet

Diets always start on a monday it is a universal law, known and understood by everyone who has ever been on a diet, (bank holiday mondays don’t count, you have to wait until the following monday to start).  After all the holiday excesses the “diet” marketing machine goes into overdrive, we are bombarded by all sorts of media its infobesity – the average person just doesn’t know who or what to believe when it comes to healthy advice, if you remember only one thing it should be this “there are no quick fixes, magic pills or potions or a quick fix solution to proper health and wellbeing”. Find a reputable health coach, with testimonials and especially no gimmicks or quick fixes.

Is today the Largest Mass Dieting Event in History ?

In the USA last year more money was spent on nutritional and dietary food supplements than on real food ? In the UK we are never far behind these trends. So what is going on ? why all these supplements and why are we getting rapidly fatter and sicker as a nation. The simple answer is most of the information that we are receiving about what it takes to lose weight, get a six pack, and be healthy etc… is simply not working and a look behind the scenes of the “health Food industry shows you that the industry works because its products don’t its just clever marketing !
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Source: “how to eat move and be healthy” by Paul Chek

Many of the most common weight loss plans work on reducing calories to lose weight and i have heard many a medical practitioner on TV shows saying this is the way to go. In my experience over 20 years dealing with weight loss this simply does not work and above illustrates the logical reason why. These TV experts are simply regurgitating the same old information time and time again.

The Maths just don’t add up for calorie controlled diets


If you reduce say 500 calories to lose 2 kg of body fat – after a month you achieve this goal then to lose another 2 kg of fat you will have to reduce another 500 calories and so on, you can see where we are going with this, pretty soon you will run out of calories ! but still have weight to lose…?

You could increase exercise levels to burn a few more calories, but with already having reduced the calories you will have little energy and soon run out of available blood sugar. This will also increase stress levels and effect the hormonal balance of the body increasing lipogenic (fat storing) enzymes.

Ultimately by reducing the calories you are setting your self up for failure – this is not an intelligent solution, but it is still popular despite many yo-yo dieting disasters. Lose some weight but unable to stick to an unrealistic plan, then fall off the wagon then back on the wagon, each time slowing your metabolism and getting a little fatter. Put an end to this dieting disaster process.

Let us show you how to get get your diet sorted once and for all – don’t become drawn into clever marketing campaigns for supplements or fad celebrity diets learn how to achieve a healthy balanced diet and learn how healthy people live day in day out.


“Become healthy to lose weight, not lose weight to become healthy.”


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