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The truth on statins and low fat diets

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Are you on Statins or a Low Fat Diet & Have you seen Statin Nation ?


If not you need to – this is a must see film on how the BIG PHARMA & BIG FOOD industries are manipulating so called scientific studies (that they have paid for) to bring you marketing data and sell you on a low fat lifestyle and the benefits of statins. It is a 29 billion dollar a year industry that the pharmaceutical giants have no intention of slowing down, despite the detrimental health effects on the growing population of its target market.

Doctors seem oblivious to the connection between the harmful side effects that many people experience, when on statins, mainly due to the one sided training that they receive from the pharmaceutical industries. I work with over 150 heart patients every week and the effects of statins are noticeable, many informed clients have chosen to stop their statin medication and have commented that the positive effects in symptom reduction have been dramatic in only a 1-2 week trial period.

statins low fat diets

Low fat diets are also a curse of modern day health – many people suffer the effects of eating a low fat diet, such as low energy, poor nail and hair condition, digestive and hormonal imbalances, mentally slow, sluggish and feelings of anxiety and depression to name just a few.

If you are suffering from any of these and are on a low fat diet i would highly recommend that you increase your fat intake – and no fat does not make you fat, its having an unhealthy lifestyle, over consumption of carbs and sugary foods,  having a body that is out of balance that makes your carry excess weight. The types of fat to include are lard (from organic sources only), bone broths, coconut oil, butter, ghee and olive oil. All of these have great health giving properties and will make a real difference to how you feel. Include them with every meal…

A great book on fat is “outsmarting the female fat cell” by Deborah Waterhouse

Enjoy the Film and the fats ! oh and it is now also available on netflix – become informed on statins low fat diets


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