//Six Foundational Principles of getting healthy now

Six Foundational Principles of getting healthy now

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hy bother to improve your health, fitness, performance and wellbeing ? we all have different answers to this question – but one common result far outshines any other – Happiness.

When we improve our bodies and minds we improve everything in our lives and have a positive effect on all of those around us as we raise the energetic / vibrational level.

Improving these aspects allows us all kinds of benefits;

Sense of direction



Charity and compassion




If you are tired of following the latest celebrity diet, exercise fad or trendy classes we will guide you to help cut out the crap and get straight to the factors that matter – the Six Foundational Principles of Health which will fast track you to Health and Happiness…

Now you are reading this book and contemplating improving your health and fitness – Good News – you are already on the journey to transformation. It helps to understand the stages that we go through so we can prepare for the challenges and rewards ahead. I am not going to sugar coat it there will be challenges, but the rewards will be so worth it – you will wonder why it took you so long to get off your butt and do something about it…

Stage 1. Pre Contemplation – You become aware of a problem or issue

Stage 2. Contemplation – You wonder what to do about this issue and evaluate yourself

Stage 3. Preparation – Commitment towards an action – like finding out more information from an expert with experience in the issues you are having.

Stage 4. Action – You are now doing something about the issue, working with experts to resolve the issue

Stage 5. Maintenance – Commitment, reward, countering, environmental control, continued relationships to ensure long term success.

Now we have established the process – what stage are you at ? Preparation i am guessing. Ok great so read on we have simple practical advice on making small changes that when added up make a huge difference to the way you think, feel, look and perform.

My mentor and role model Paul Chek once described western culture as

“The sickest fattest most stressed and depressed people to have ever inhabited this planet”

looking around he’s got a point. Our Holistic health center is based under the Chelmsford mainline train station to london. Being a small commuter city 30 mins from london I see people walk past every day on the daily grind starting and finishing their grueling 12 hour round trip. One thing that strikes me is that 95% of them just don’t look health happy or vibrant – they look exhausted ! and thats on the way to work – never mind on the way home.

The above quote is also relevant for most people nowadays from stay at home mums and dads to local business people, and students.

You just have to look at the media to see that ALL disease rates are on the increase especially cancer, heart disease and bowel disease. Despite modern medical advances and technological achievements that are mind blowing – how have we lost the ability to simply look after are own health ???

What steps can you take today to solve your current health issues ?

1-2-3-4 Of getting healthy now !

1. LOVE – Your Dream

“When you have a big enough dream you do not need a crisis” – jerry Wesch

What is it that you would love to do with your life ? for some this is a huge question that needs much contemplation…

For others they know in an instant !

Which one are you ?

What is it that you are passionate about, what will motivate you so much that you will make the necessary changes in your life to get to where you want to be or who you want to become.

It may be that simply you want to be a great role model for your kids and create a great home environment that you can enjoy, or that you want to sail around the world and experience every culture whilst creating a video blog of your adventure!

Whatever the Goal, the Dream, or whatever you would LOVE to do ! to be able to achieve these you will several things, energy, enthusiasm, determination to name but a few. If you are stressed out, worrying about your job, finances, relationships or your current health issues, whilst getting to bed late, eating junk food, smoking, drinking, and a lack of regular exercise it is unlikely that you will be bale to pursue your dream for any length of time before running out of energy… and failing.

Identify the major stressors in your life

Identify the major stressors in your life

From “How to eat move and be healthy” – Paul Chek

A big enough dream should have the power to motivate you to get the basics in life right, the “Six Foundational Principles” give you the energy to pursue your dream effectively.


An example from my own experience is that when opening my new holistic health centre in 2012, if i did not follow the six foundational principles i could feel my energy being drained rapidly due to the demands placed upon me and subsequently progress of my dream slowed, the more energy i had to put into it, the quicker it all came together.

A very powerful way of exploring your Dream, Goal, LOVE is to create a mandala (mind map) simply take a piece of paper and plan out what your Dream looks like, you can use symbols, pictures, words, numbers anything you like – but try not to be too logical about it, let the creative side come out…

I Look forward to seeing your creations…stress mind mapstress mind map

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