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FEE: £390

“Don’t lose weight to Become Healthy, Become Healthy to lose weight”

There is so much information available about diet, nutrition, weight loss etc… that it is often difficult to work out what is best, the media are constantly changing their mind one week something is a health food the next week it is bad for you? there is this fad diet then its quickly followed by another fad diet – all the while we as a nation are becoming fatter, sicker and more depressed its a fact. If your Confused and fed up watching all your hard work go to waste – its not surprising! Here at self Holistic Health in Chelmsford we teach the fundamentals of Diet, Nutrition and Lifestyle without any gimmicks, fads or quick fixes. Our results last a Lifetime.

A  12-week program to improve Health, Vitality and Transform your Body Shape

You will receive:

  • Advanced Metabolic Typing® Test
  • Comprehensive results report explaining your Metabolic Type®
  • Customized Food List for your specific type
  • Comprehensive E-Coaching Video Series
  • Weekly feedback reports
  • Motivational consultations and ongoing support
  • Handy resources including learning how to test your Blood Sugar Levels and Food Intolerance Testing

Our Map: 5 Phases to Achieving your self Health Goals


1. Find out your Metabolic Type®

You are a creature of great complexity, your body reflects this and our program honors it.

Take the Metabolic Typing® Test and discover your unique Metabolic Type®. This test will give you an inside look into your body, unlocking its wants and needs. It will bring your internal information into the open, allowing you to consciously make the best choices for your body.

The Metabolic Typing® Test is a computer analyzed questionnaire that focuses on 3 key indicators of your metabolism which will assist in weight loss:

  • Physical Traits
  • Dietary Traits
  • Psychological Traits

These unique aspects of yourself reveal your body’s underlying patterns and tendencies that reflect your specific Metabolic Type®.


2. Receive Your Results Report

Receive a clear, direct, and refreshingly honest explanation of your Metabolic Type®.

Your report is divided into 5 parts:

  • Part 1 – Your Metabolic Typing® Assessment Results
  • Part 2 – Your Metabolic Type® Food Recommendations
  • Part 3 – Your Metabolic Type® Vitamin and Mineral Recommendations
  • Part 4 – Your Lifestyle Recommendations
  • Part 5 – Additional Information

Included is your Dominant Metabolic Type, Sub-Dominant Metabolic Type, Endocrine Type, and the best foods and supplements including vitamins/minerals to balance your metabolism.

The path to vibrant health is wonderful and rewarding — yet we also need the techniques, practical steps, and nuts ‘n bolts how-to’s to bring it to life.


3. Your Metabolic Type® Plan

The Metabolic Type® Plan provides you with a comprehensive list of foods that are ideal for your type as well as the foods that your type should avoid perfect for a weight loss diet.

You will be equipped with practical and tangible how-to information that makes adopting your Metabolic Type® recommendations easy and effortless. No longer will going shopping be a daunting or anxiety-filled experience guessing what foods are best to eat. With your Metabolic Type® Plan, you will have all the tools you need to be successful on the grocery aisles and off.


4. Metabolic Me Video E-Coaching Series and Support

Open, engaging, entertaining, and accessible.

As a member of the self family, you’ll get access to the entire library of online e-coaching videos, materials, interviews, and more.  Have questions? We have the answers and are here to listen. Christian and the team are available on the phone for you weekly. Ask them any questions you may have about any issues regarding weight loss, diet, healthy eating, supplements, energy levels, detox and more.


We have such a great success rate with our clients that we can Guarantee Your Body Transformation Results!

Watch the video below to find outwhat you’ve been doing wrong for so long & why you struggle to lose your
current excess weight and achieve your health goals!

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