//Push band – Improve your training

Push band – Improve your training

We have just invested in a new fantastic it of equipment called the push band this is an amazing piece of kit combines science and sport to your training

Improve Power, Speed, Strength and Size

The push band gives us real time statistics measuring the power you have produced (watts) and the velocity (meters per second). This data will help us to improve your training and cater it around your sport or goal.

Specialised trainers can take you through the wide range of tests tailored around your sports and where you will need to be generating the most power.

Receive feedback reports with the graphs, data and statistics showing you what you achieved during your session with details in how you can improve on these aspects of your training. 








Being able to see this data during each rep of every set gives us an over view of if the weight is too heavy or too light depending on desired outcome of your training. This allows us:

  • Determine an athlete’s daily optimal training load
  • Measure an athlete’s level of fatigue to avoid over-training
  • Highlight target velocity ranges for Strength, Power, Endurance, Speed, and Hypertrophy focuses

The band also takes into consideration:

  • Your age
  • Your weight
  • Your training level

This mean the push band takes in force but also it takes into account not only the weight lifted, but also the effective body mass of the athlete as well as the acceleration of the movement.

Showing us the statistics will give us an indication to your performance on the day, indicating:

  • How hard an athlete pushed themselves in a session
  • To help improve optimal scheduling of future sessions
  • Determine the total amount of stress imposed on an athlete


To find out more about our PUSH BAND Training Plans – contact us: enquiries@selfonline.co.uk or on 01245 35 44 65


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