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Your health fitness and wellbeing


the way your body looks build a strong lean and toned physique


Better than ever with our functional training equipment, monthly assessments and seminars

Self is a small private members gym
with a great environment to get fit and healthy

Benefit from our 

• Functional training equipment
• Support whenever you need it from our friendly staff
• A great Health & Fitness community

“self has a very different atmosphere
to the large commercial gyms”

“We help you to find the perfect work out
to fit the life you want to lead”

Annual Membership


2 months free

Save £165

No set up fee

Annual Monthly gym membership

£35pm 12 month contract

Save £60

£25 set up fee


Monthly membership

£40 pm 1 month rolling contract

£25 set up fee



Group Personal Training Membership 

There are two options to choose from
Group PT Lite & Group PT Unlimited

Group PT Lite is great for members who are motivated to make health and fitness changes but maybe restricted by either time or budget.

Group PT Unlimited is for those dedicated health warriors who will stop at nothing to achieve their health and fitness goals, you can come to as many sessions as you can handle...

Gym Membership is included and you have 20 motivational classes per week to choose from view schedule here 

Groups are limited to a maximum of four people to ensure every member benefits from expert coaching.
Sessions are 1 hour duration with a variety of training concepts to constantly challenge your body and motivate your mind. 
 Loosen up with Functional Mobility, push the limits with HITT, Met-Con, Circuits and Boxercise.

Improve  ~ Transform ~ Perform

Group PT Lite

Great for those who have
limited time or budget

2 sessions per week 

Includes gym membership

Group PT Unlimited

For those health warriors who
want to see a rapid transformation

Unlimited sessions per week 

Includes gym membership

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