//Holistic Health Personal Training ebook – Success Starts Here

Holistic Health Personal Training ebook – Success Starts Here

This beautifully simple and informative holistic health personal training ebook gives you the best start possible on your journey to improved Health and Fitness. Allowing your body to become balanced and building great Health & Fitness foundations that will last a lifetime.

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Many people when considering improving their health and fitness, go about it in a suboptimal way. The process frequently looks like this,

  • Step 1: Join the biggest gym you can find with a huge range of facilities most of which you will never use.
  • Step 2: Get yourself a colour coordinated outfit involving lycra and the latest training shoes
  • Step 3: You need a killer playlist on your ipod to motivate you when the going gets tough
  • Step 4: Fit Bit – i need to monitor everything i do
  • Step 5: Head to the gym with all gear, armed with a routine that you saw in a magazine or with a friend  and follow their routine.

Despite what you may think – This is NOT a recipe for success ! If you were going to learn how to play Golf for example would you go and buy all the gear and just head out on the course and hope it all goes well ? probably not. Yet this is how most people go about trying to improve their health and fitness, which often ends in failure, unable to maintain the motivation for longer than a few weeks or months. Those who do make it past a few months rarely get to achieve their health and fitness goals.

With our Holistic Health Personal training ebook “Success Starts Here” gives you a tried and tested format for creating great foundations from which you can achieve your health and fitness goals. We provide bespoke personal training packages at our functional training gym chelmsford. and online coaching.

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