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Fasting For Faster Health

Fasting for faster health has many health benefits, but if used incorrectly can produce adverse reactions, especially with the state of our nations health today. Many people are ill, overweight, overloaded with toxicity from junk food and environmental pollutants and under prepared for the fasting process.

If your organs of detoxification are not working efficiently you can have real health challenges from day to day which can be exacerbated by the fasting process and liver damage can occur.

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Types of Fasting:

Mini Fast:

Option A – fast for breakfast & lunch with a light meal in the evening

Option B – 24 hr fast

This fast is best done on a day off from work initially.


Allows the body to catch up on elimination and digestion

Gives the body an opportunity to divert energy into general healing

Helps to detox and clear the mind

A greater appreciation of food and portion sizes

Little risk

Opportunity to practice mindfulness

2. Two Day Fast:

Blood sugar management is critical – use bone broth, watered down fresh juices such as carrot or orange so that you cant taste the sweetness.


Do not do any kind of hazardous work until you are familiar with how your body responds.

Can cause significant detoxification response

Can cause the liver to be exposed to dangerous toxins stored in fat if the individual is malnourished.


A deeper rest for organs of digestion

Can starve parasites and fungus, decreasing population

A rest for organs of detoxification/elimination in those with good general health

Helps remove influences of foodstuffs and drinks from the mind allowing better mental clarity, deeper meditation, and can open voyances.

fasting for faster health

fresh squeezed watered down juice is ideal for balancing the blood sugar levels throughout the day.

3. Three Day Fasts


Generally results in some loss of muscle mass.

Can starve parasites and fungal infections, decreasing the population, the longer you go, the greater the risk of toxicity from dye off.

Can expose organs, glands, brain and nervous system to toxins due to poor detoxification/nutrition capacity.

Typically requires supervision from an experienced health care practitioner to avoid unwanted complications

Preparation with hydration and nutrition to aid detoxification is wise.

Physical exertion should be minimized – working IN can be helpful


Effective for healing and detoxification, but should be overseen by an experienced health practitioner. Can bring spiritual clarity through visions and voyances.

Generally facilitates a deeper appreciation for the planet, for the gift of food and may result in decreased bodyweight.

Top Tips:

I would recommend before you start a detox to do a junk food detox – try cutting out all the junk food, alcohol drugs in your diet for 1 week first and see what the reactions are. If you don’t eat junk food and feel healthy then start with the mini fast and see how you go !

Fasting to lose weight as part of a crash diet is not recommended – it will do more harm than good.

You must ensure you don’t have to do any hard manual work, adequate amounts of water to stay hydrated and assist in the detox process – remember the solution to pollution is dilution.

If you are Overweight – must be careful due to the release of excess toxins from the fat stores into the detox organs.

Underweight – You may lack the nutrition to support the detox pathways – as your body is already fasting due to starvation.

Homeostasis ( a balance) should be achieved before commencing

On breaking a fast the body gets hungry avoid eating a large meal rather gradually build up to normal food levels. Soup or salad is a good option as a first meal.

Fasting for Faster Health – Enjoy the process…


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