The truth on statins and low fat diets

In our holistic health fitness chelmsford blog we aim to provide you with an alternative perspective from health experts..   Are you on Statins or a Low Fat Diet & Have you seen Statin Nation ?   If not you need to - this is a must see film on how the BIG PHARMA & BIG FOOD industries are manipulating so called scientific studies (that they have paid for) to bring you marketing data and sell you on a low fat lifestyle and the benefits of statins. It is a 29 billion dollar a year industry that the pharmaceutical giants have no intention of slowing down, despite the detrimental health effects on the growing population of its target market. Doctors seem oblivious to the connection between the


The No Diet – Diet

Diets always start on a monday it is a universal law, known and understood by everyone who has ever been on a diet, (bank holiday mondays don't count, you have to wait until the following monday to start).  After all the holiday excesses the "diet" marketing machine goes into overdrive, we are bombarded by all sorts of media its infobesity - the average person just doesn't know who or what to believe when it comes to healthy advice, if you remember only one thing it should be this "there are no quick fixes, magic pills or potions or a quick fix solution to proper health and wellbeing". Find a reputable health coach, with testimonials and especially no gimmicks or quick fixes. Is today the Largest


Homemade Chicken Liver Pate, Organ Meat Benefits, Organic Pate Recipe

All of our recipes are on Instagram @self_online and @holisticmumandbaby - check them out now! Homemade chicken liver pâté.... A few things about Liver (& organ meats) * Liver is a rich source of antioxidants and helps your own liver remove toxic substances in the body (which in today's world where most non-organic products/cosmetics/ food contains toxins - it's a much needed food to bring back to the table) * Liver once a day for a pregnant women will provide optimum nutrients to her and her unborn baby * Wild animals eat the organs of their kill first being the most nut...ritious part (clearly showing a superior wisdom to our own!) * Liver is rich in fat soluble vitamins A&D as well as essential fatty


Self Kitchen, Healthy Recipes, Gluten Free Cakes, Refined Sugar free

All of our recipes are on Instagram @self_online and @holisticmumandbaby - check them out now!   So, you are doing really well with your food and making healthy choices for your body but rainy weekends and the cold weather has got you hunting in the cake & biscuit cupboards? With everything you have learnt with our guidance at Self and your new healthy lifestyle you don't just want to reach for a sugary chocolate bar, so let us help you .... At Self Kitchen we want to inspire you to still enjoy your food and have fun with it  - because that's what its all about right? Take a look at our recipes that are easy to make and contain ingredients that not only taste good but are nutritious without