Push band – Improve your training

We have just invested in a new fantastic it of equipment called the push band this is an amazing piece of kit combines science and sport to your training Improve Power, Speed, Strength and Size The push band gives us real time statistics measuring the power you have produced (watts) and the velocity (meters per second). This data will help us to improve your training and cater it around your sport or goal. Specialised trainers can take you through the wide range of tests tailored around your sports and where you will need to be generating the most power. Receive feedback reports with the graphs, data and statistics showing you what you achieved during your session with details in how you can improve on these aspects of your


Fasting For Faster Health

Fasting for faster health has many health benefits, but if used incorrectly can produce adverse reactions, especially with the state of our nations health today. Many people are ill, overweight, overloaded with toxicity from junk food and environmental pollutants and under prepared for the fasting process. If your organs of detoxification are not working efficiently you can have real health challenges from day to day which can be exacerbated by the fasting process and liver damage can occur. Take our Detox Questionnaire to determine how healthy your detox system is FASTING DETOX QUESTIONNAIRE Types of Fasting: Mini Fast: Option A - fast for breakfast & lunch with a light meal in the evening Option B - 24 hr fast This fast is best done on a


Sports Performance

      100CLUBMagazineApril2016 - click here to download Holistic Health Magazine April 2016 Sports Performance In this months edition we are exploring nutrition for improved sports performance, how the quality of water can effect how your body works, Soy is it a health food ? and outsmarting the female fat cell...    


The truth on statins and low fat diets

In our holistic health fitness chelmsford blog we aim to provide you with an alternative perspective from health experts..   Are you on Statins or a Low Fat Diet & Have you seen Statin Nation ?   If not you need to - this is a must see film on how the BIG PHARMA & BIG FOOD industries are manipulating so called scientific studies (that they have paid for) to bring you marketing data and sell you on a low fat lifestyle and the benefits of statins. It is a 29 billion dollar a year industry that the pharmaceutical giants have no intention of slowing down, despite the detrimental health effects on the growing population of its target market. Doctors seem oblivious to the connection between the