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Homemade Chicken Liver Pate, Organ Meat Benefits, Organic Pate Recipe

All of our recipes are on Instagram @self_online and @holisticmumandbaby - check them out now! Homemade chicken liver pâté.... A few things about Liver (& organ meats) * Liver is a rich source of antioxidants and helps your own liver remove toxic substances in the body (which in today's world where most non-organic products/cosmetics/ food contains toxins - it's a much needed food to bring back to the table) * Liver once a day for a pregnant women will provide optimum nutrients to her and her unborn baby * Wild animals eat the organs of their kill first being the most nut...ritious part (clearly showing a superior wisdom to our own!) * Liver is rich in fat soluble vitamins A&D as well as essential fatty


Self Kitchen, Healthy Recipes, Gluten Free Cakes, Refined Sugar free

All of our recipes are on Instagram @self_online and @holisticmumandbaby - check them out now!   So, you are doing really well with your food and making healthy choices for your body but rainy weekends and the cold weather has got you hunting in the cake & biscuit cupboards? With everything you have learnt with our guidance at Self and your new healthy lifestyle you don't just want to reach for a sugary chocolate bar, so let us help you .... At Self Kitchen we want to inspire you to still enjoy your food and have fun with it  - because that's what its all about right? Take a look at our recipes that are easy to make and contain ingredients that not only taste good but are nutritious without


100 Club Magazine – Adrenal Fatigue October 2015

Read our article below on "Adrenal Fatigue". We would love to hear from you so please comment below this post with any of your thoughts.. Adrenal Fatigue Are you suffering with adrenal fatigue, feeling stressed or exhausted, have you dedicated too much time to work and not enough to your health, if so this months issue is for you ! - At our holistic health centre in chelmsford we specialise in adrenal fatigue testing. Our state of the art lab testing and support programmes allow you to make the necessary lifestyle changes to de-stress, improve body shape and fitness levels, whilst creating a better work life balance so you can become great role models to your kids, oh and you don't have to live like a monk or give up drinks after

Adrenal Stress Test

FUNCTIONAL DIAGNOSTIC NUTRITION STRESSED EXHAUSTED BUSINESS MEN AND WOMEN WHAT IS IT? Functional diagnostic nutrition has a Holistic Health approach but utilizes scientific, state of the art lab testing facilities, to provide medical grade test results combined with pro active healthy lifestyle programs. Functional diagnostic nutrition does not diagnose or treat diseases, but rather, provides you with clinical and functional diagnostic tools to assess the underlying causes of disease and help you take necessary steps to return to normal health.  The following three "pillars of health" are critical to achieving and maintaining excellent health:  The hormone/immune system The digestive/Detoxification Systems Food Sensitivities / Pathogens To assess your adrenal stress function in these areas you can order a home test kits. You'll receive a complete


10 Point guide to improved sleep

IMPROVED SLEEP PATTERNS A practical guide to better sleep. Start to wind down at least 1-2 hours before you go to bed, dim the lights, avoid computer or TV screens, switch off mobile phones. Do something that you find relaxing prior to bed - hot bath, listen to relaxing music or read a book. Eat an evening meal that is higher in fat and protein and lower in complex carbohydrates, as the carbohydrates may over stimulate your system whilst the fat and protein will stimulate the relaxing side of your nervous system. Try relaxation or meditation - a great FREE resource is “meditation oasis” on itunes podcasts. Avoid any stimulants such as tea, coffee, alcohol, sugary foods etc... after midday as they go against the


Six Foundational Principles of getting healthy now

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hy bother to improve your health, fitness, performance and wellbeing ? we all have different answers to this question - but one common result far outshines any other - Happiness. When we improve our bodies and minds we improve everything in our lives and have a positive effect on all of those around us as we raise the energetic / vibrational level. Improving these aspects allows us all kinds of benefits; Sense of direction Understanding Courage Charity and compassion Esteem Self-confidence Self-acceptance If you are tired of following the latest celebrity diet, exercise fad or trendy classes we will guide you to help cut out the crap and get straight to the factors that matter - the Six Foundational Principles of Health which will fast

How do you want to get fit and healthy

  Please fill in the form below and email it to info@selfonline.co.uk get a friend to fill it in and you can both benefit from a FREE Personal Training session at self... as a thank you !   Clik here to down load the form -  How do you like to get fit and healthy       Have you heard of “Self Holistic Health”?             What does the name communicate to you?                 What are your current health and fitness goals or interests?                                                                     Do you have any current health related issues or fitness challenges?             Are you aware of and/or interested


Xmas Hangover Survival Guide

Xmas Hangover Survival Guide Christmas will be here before you know it, most of us will be eating and drinking a little, or a lot more than we would normally. "Well its xmas i here you say you've gotta live a little". Thats fine if you are fit and healthy your body will be able to deal with the stresses, however if your not in peak physical condition let me show you what happens in the body and a "survival guide" on how to avoid a really bad hangover... When this happens it places additional nutritional stress on the body. The body doesn't care where the stress comes from (wether you are having road rage, relationship or work stress) it just reacts in the same way by increasing the release


3 Ugly Truths about Protein Powder

Supplements including protein powder are exactly what they say they are - asupplement to a healthy whole food diet - not a reason to keep eating junk food and hope that the supplements you are taking will counteract the lack of whole food nutrition that is so common in today's diet. Some of the supplements are so low in quality they have the opposite intended effect - rather than provide readily available nutrients they take nutrients from the body in order to process them ! Protein powders being one of the main offenders...  If you think your Protein shake is helping you to grow muscle mass - Read on! #1 Protein Powders Are Highly Processed The process of making protein powders often leaves a highly denatured protein,