//100 Club Magazine – Adrenal Fatigue October 2015

100 Club Magazine – Adrenal Fatigue October 2015

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Adrenal Fatigue

Are you suffering with adrenal fatigue, feeling stressed or exhausted, have you dedicated too much time to work and not enough to your health, if so this months issue is for you ! – At our holistic health centre in chelmsford we specialise in adrenal fatigue testing.

Our state of the art lab testing and support programmes allow you to make the necessary lifestyle changes to de-stress, improve body shape and fitness levels, whilst creating a better work life balance so you can become great role models to your kids, oh and you don’t have to live like a monk or give up drinks after work. Just Simply stress Less…

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The Adrenal Stress Profiles use a non-invasive salivary procedure done at home to monitor the activity of the adrenal cortex and its ability to react to stress. This simple procedure monitors the rhythmic biological cycles recurring at 24-hour intervals of cortisol and DHEA-S levels. When the Adrenal Stress Profile indicates an inappropriate hormonal stress response, it is necessary to consider stress reduction through diet and lifestyle modification, and nutritional supplementation to support adrenal gland activity and enhance the restoration of the physical barrier in the gut.

If you are fed-up with getting another prescription drug each time you visit your doctor, or if you are tired of buying the latest vitamin, mineral, herb or other natural remedy that doesn’t seem to work; then please consider what we do at self Holistic Health.

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